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International Conference

Access Key Financial Services»

10 November 2021 Format: Online / Offline

To participate in offline conferences will need have one of these documents:
• Passport / Vaccination Certificate COVID-19
• Negative PCR test or express test
(conducted no more than 72 hours before the event)
• Help that silenced COVID-19
• Mased mode at the conference

Topics of the International Forum (Draft)

National Bank of Ukraine. What's new in regulation in the banking and non-banking financial sector

Time for innovation

  • Architecture of regulatory acts in the market of banking and financial services
  • Basic principles of monetary policy
  • Regulation of the activities of non-bank financial institutions
  • The Law "On Insurance", significantly changing the rules of work in the market
  • PSD 2 principles in a new law
  • CBDC - a new answer to all questions?
Automation and management of business processes: in banks and financial companies

Trends that are drivers

  • Automation and Management of Business Processes: Contract Management, Personnel Processes, Office, Meeting Management Financial Archives, Risk Management, Quality Management
  • Maintaining an informational exchange with ERP - a system of financial institution, Bank - Client and Internet - Banking
  • Finished processes for registration of banking and non-bank financial products
  • Comprehensive loyalty program
  • The best platforms for accelerating sales, marketing, service and management of lidami, product design, customer support with flexible BPM solutions
  • Robotization of the financial sphere
  • Technologies CRM, ERP, BPM, EDM in financial and credit institutions
  • Management and debt repayment control
EDI, Automation of document flow in banks and financial companies

The mission of banks and financial companies to become digital

  • Edo service for B2B
  • Using CEP - warranty of the invariance of documents after signing
  • Automation of electronic document management systems, enhancing solutions
  • Education Edo in online products
  • Implementation of the full range of financial products, business processes and mandatory reporting
  • Storage in the database of electronic documents of any types, including using qualified EDS
  • Maintaining analytical accounts and financial transactions using a universal main book
  • Preliminary work with candidates and lending applications
  • Credit activities and all types of derivative financial instruments
  • Cash operations without opening account - currency exchange, money transfers, utility and address payments, PAP and SWIFT payments
  • Credit risk calculation and reserves
  • Maintaining charts of planned events and cash flows under customer contracts, calculation of an efficient rate, discounting
  • Building corporate FRONT END systems, including with a WEB-interface
  • Mandatory regulatory reporting of non-bank financial institutions in front of the NBU in XML format
Information security and cybersecurity in banks and financial companies

Trends in remote service and coronavirus conditions

  • Informational Protection Subjects that are subject to tightened requirements
  • Mandatory information security documents
  • Features of the use of password policy
  • Managing a security system
  • Critical Requirements
  • Requirements for authentication and identification by banks and financial companies
  • Requirements for access to information systems of banks and financial companies
  • Malware protection and viruses
  • Cryptographic information protection
  • Features of the use of electronic signature
  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)
  • DLP (Data Leak Prevention)
  • ISO 27001 Implementation and Certification
  • Controlled detection of threats and response
  • Design, testing and implementing IB systems
  • Data Security / Access Control and Users
  • Safety of cloud infrastructure
  • Management risk management of information threats
  • Data processing safety using digital technologies in carrying out the transfer of funds, or other financial transactions (transactions)
  • Protection of mobile (remote) employees
  • Protection of network infrastructure in banks and non-bank financial companies
Cloud services as the most important element of the technology strategy

Cloud migration is a journey, not a destination

  • Bank transition, financial company in private cloud (data control and security)
  • Cloud computing and outsourcing
  • SaaS software products like service
  • Internal data analysis and reporting preparation
  • Analytics in the risk management and regulator requirements
  • Virtual jobs (VDI)
  • Development and testing applications
  • Services for mobile devices and sites
  • Fast and secure migration in a large cloud of data
  • Cloud storage systems
  • Building a hybrid cloud
  • Backup in cloud infrastructure
  • Management of information security in the cloud in accordance with international information security systems
  • Bacaps in the cloud (Baas)
  • E-cloud (infrastructure in the cloud)
  • Providing Ophnicality and Realization of Digital Banking
  • Digital Front End from Cloud
  • Cloud services as a catalyst for digital banking technologies when building financial ecosystems
The financial ecosystem is the main trend in the digital transformation of the banking business

No excuses on the road to success

  • Bank as a service operator
  • IT development - technologies as the main factors of the development of financial ecosystems
  • Client service, as the main factor in the development of banking ecosystems
  • Artificial Intelligence, Main Driver
  • Comfortable and high-quality services on one technological platform
  • Creation of bank ecosystem
  • Ecosystem for MSA
  • Dbo as the basis of the ecosystem
Digital payment systems

How the coronavirus is helping digitalization

  • Bill 4363, "On payment services", taking into account the EU Directive PSD2
  • Digital currency of the National Bank of Ukraine
  • Implementation of payment innovation using a mobile phone
  • Payments using bank cards and electronic wallets for Internet projects
  • Payment links in social networks, messengers, with the help of chat bots, email and SMS mailing
  • Payment Market (Payments Online)
  • Organization of receiving payments on the site and mobile application
  • Financial calculations on accepted payments. Customer support for payers
  • Contactless payments, NFC, HCE, "cloud payments"
  • Remote payment service, cloudy Internet service
  • Development and modifications of Internet banking and mobile banking in the field of transfers and payments
Online translation services

New realities and standards

  • Through trading and retail chains
  • Using mobile phone
  • Chat translations
  • Multicurrency accounts, translation and exchange of traditional and digital money
  • Secure wallets with multi-verses
  • Money Transfer Services, Card on Card, Payment for Details Accounts
  • Transfers to any payment card of the Ukrainian Bank of the Issuer
  • Translations within Ukraine and beyond
Platforms for working with traditional money and cryptocurrency

New challenges

  • Tokens, based on blockchain technology
  • PSD 2 and Open Banking API
  • Licensed and adjustable digital payment platform
  • Generation of lidov
  • Development of a single identification standard for personal data storage
  • Technological support for payment services on sites and mobile - banking leading banks of Ukraine
MFO market - realities, prospects and forecasts

Customary journey

  • Digital lending platform
  • Innovation of digital credit products, through the optimization of the lending process at all stages
  • Understanding customer behavior and the use of new models of machine learning, to make more substantiated, algorithmic customer lending solutions.
  • Improving customer benefits factor that are treated for loans and mortgage loans
  • AI service when working with client photos
  • The effectiveness of Omni sales channels. New trends and technologies
  • Priority directions of microfinance business digital transformation
  • Individual bonus programs (cachek)
  • Investments where to take?
  • How to increase customer loyalty online?
  • Credit scoring
  • The procedure for verifying the client and the protection of its personal data
  • Prolongation of the restructuring of loans
  • Overdue Credits (AI - Collection, Bot, Scoring on Mobile Number)
  • Payment through Mobile Wallet
  • Video identification - use of it in financial companies
Open Banking - platforms with open APIs

How the banking market is changing

  • Building platform
  • Decision for online banking
  • Examples of the best Open API portals
  • Open API - Public Available Application Programming Interface
  • Priority directions for the start of the implementation of the Open API Strategy
  • The main blocks of the banking API ecosystem
Mobile and Internet banking capabilities

Mobile banking is no longer a strategy, but a norm

  • Bank in smartphone
  • The best programs for mobile banking Ukrainian banks
  • Development of Internet Bank / Mobile Bank Functional
  • Payment functions
  • Loyalty and bonus programs
  • Personal Finance (PFM)
  • Cash Beck Management
  • Deposit management
  • Security management
Digital transformation of customer service

Today the bank is not where you go, but what you do!

  • The overall concept of transformation of the client service
  • The formation of an opposite environment
  • Creating a Digital - Customer Profile
  • Priority Channels and Digital Tools
  • How to increase customer loyalty online
  • How to make bank and financial service as convenient for users
  • Analysis of digital client experience
Remote identification and verification
  • Verification with the help of the BANK ID of the NBU and CEP
  • Remote read by the data client, with a document chip using a smartphone and company application
  • Video identification
  • Simplified models of remote identification
Neobanks (Digital Bank, Challenger Bank)

Digital breakthrough

  • How did the pandemic change bank and financial technology?
  • Intelligent tools and customer service managers
  • Built in CRM platforms, scoring solutions, personalized recommendations and tips, commercial analyst
  • New technologies for risk management
  • Data management as the basis of digital transformation
  • Simple and high-quality models that employees who do not have profile education Data Science and Computers Science
  • Formation of personalized sentences
  • Customer service digitalization
  • Abilities Mobile and Internet Banking
  • Bank-AS-A-service - Embedding banking right in ERP - System
Big Data & AI: in the field of finance and insurance. Best solutions and work cases

Social and technological trends

  • Big Data Solutions
  • Big Data - Services for B2B
  • Cloud Solutions & Big Data
  • SMS, VIBER, Facebook via AI prism
  • Analytical solutions
  • Big Data | Customer protection services
  • Big Data | Lidogeneration
  • Big Data | Cloud analytical solutions
  • Modernization of IoT - systems using AI
  • Informing about the features of products and services
  • Chat bots in messengers
  • Communication with a client
  • Recommendations of products and services
  • Detection of unauthorized expenditure operations on customer accounts and plastic client cards
Key changes in financial monitoring for non-bank financial companies and ways of their implementation

Appropriate organization of the internal AML / CFT system

  • Responsibility for the proper organization of the internal system of PM / FT and conducting primary financial monitoring